Choudwar College is located in th?e industrial town of Choudwar, 08 kms away to the north of Cuttack City. To its south, river Birupa and river Mahanadi flow down and the National Highway 54 and 5 run close by.
        Choudwar has a mythological and historical background. legend says that the heap of earth,near the Central Jail, presents the ruins of the palace of King Birat of the Mahabharat period but the scholars feel it to be a Buddhist relic. History reports that in the 10th century A.D.King Yayati Keshari established his capital temporarily at Choudwar-Katak.The famous historian Sterling reveals in his findings from the ‘Madalapanji’, that the royal palace of king Yayati Keshari with its four gigantic gates is called Choudwar. Choudwar also has found a place in the poems of Radhanath Roy.The present township emerged in       Read More...

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As the President of Governing Body I would expect that the Principal & Staff  to dedicate themselves to provide best learning facilities to all students of Choudwar College for whom the college is   Read More...

Our Principal's Message

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* To provide value based learning & to promote Confidence among students and to prepare them in their journey from campus to society so that they become productive and responsibl  Read More..

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