Co-Curricular Activities for the Session 2018-19

1 Secretary Staff Council Mrs. Sabita Kar, Reader in Economics.
Asst. Secretary Staff Council Mr. S.K.Dhal, Lecturer in Zool.Gr. 1
3 Administrative Bursar Mr. Sushil Ku. Pradhan, Reader (SS) in Eng.
Asso. Adm. Bursar Mr. D.N.Das, Lecturer in Eng.Gr. 1
4 Accounts Bursar Mr.Siba Narayan Rana, Reader (SS) in Eco.
Asso.  Account Bursar Mr. C. R. Das, Lect. (Gr.1) in Chemistry
5 Academic Bursar Mrs. Gayatri Mishra,Reader in History
Associate Academic Bursar

Dr.B.B.Sahoo lecturer in Math. Gr 1

Dr.Mrs. H.P.Mohapatra, Lect  Gr 1 in Edu.
6 Prof. I/c E.P.F.

Mr. Sushil Ku. Pradhan, Reader (SS) in Eng.

   Associates  Asso. Accts. Bursar
Mr.R.Prusty, H.C.
7 Academic Council Academic Bursar, Convener

All HOD’s

Secretary Staff Council
8 Time Table Prof. I/c Mr. A.K.Nayak, Reader in Com.
Associates Mr.S.N.Rana, Reader (SS) in Eco.

Mr.Mohit Kar, Reader (SS) in Chem.

Mr.M.C.Nayak,Demo Phy.

9 Advisor Student’s Union Mrs. S.Pattanaik, Reader in English
Associate Advisors Dr. Mrs. J.B.Mohanty, Reader (SS) in Odia

Mr.Siva Narayana Rana, Reader (SS) in Econ.

Mrs. R.Routaray, Lecturer Gr.1, Zoology

Mr.C.R.Das , Lecturer Gr 1, Chemistry

Mr. J.Das , Lect in

Mr. L.D.Mohanty, Demo Physics
10 .V.P. Dramatic Society Mr. S.C.Rout, Reader (SS) in English

Mr.P.K.Sahoo,Lect in Odia

Dr.Mrs.M.Sahoo, Lect in Chemistry
Mrs.R.Behera, Lect in Education
12 V.P. Athletic Club Mr. Prafulla Ku Rout, Reader (SS) in Com.
Associates Dr.B.B.Sahoo, Lect Gr 1 in Math
Mr.C.S.Panda ,Lect in Hist
Mrs.A.Tripathy, Lect in Phil
Mr.L.D.Mohanty,  Demo in Phy.
Mr. C.R.Das, Demo in Botany
Mr. B.N.Nayak, P.E.T.
13 Prof. I/C Examinations (+2 & +3) Mr.A.K.Nayak, Reader in Commerce
Associates Mr. Dipak Kumar Mohanty, Lect Gr 1 in Phy.
Dr.(Mrs.)S. Bhyuan, Lect. Gr 1 in Botany
Mr. C. R. Das, Lect. Gr.1 - in- Chemistry
Mr.Jukteswar Das, Lect.  in Pol. Sc.
Mr.Ratikanta Swain, Lecturer in I.T.
Mr. Dillip Ku. Samal, Demo in Chem
Mr. B.N.Nayak, PET
13(a) Tabulation
+3 1st. Yr. Arts

Mr.P.K.Ghadai, Lecturer in Zool.

+3 2nd Yr. Arts Mrs. Rajalaxmi Sahoo, Lect in Botany
+3 3rd. Yr. Arts. Miss. Tanmayee Mohanty,Lec-in Bot
+3 1st. Science Mrs. Suchismita Mohanty, Lect in I.T.
+3 2nd Science

Mrs. Rachita Behera, Lect- in Educa

+3 3rd. Science

Mrs. Anupama Tripathy,Lec-r in Phil.

+3 Commerce Mrs. S.Prusty, Lecturer in Zoology
14 Other Examinations Mr. Bikash Ch. Dash, HOD, Math
Associate Mr. Sumanta Kumar Sahoo, Lect in Pol.Sc.
15 Admission Committee- (+2 & +3)  Prof I/C

Dr.Mrs. C.B.Mohanty, Reader in Philosophy

Associates  Mrs. Kshirabddhi Choudhury, Reader (SS) in Hist

Mrs. N. Begum, Reader (SS) in Eco.

Maj. Dr. S.R.Das, Reader (SS) in History
Mr. Pramod Ku. Rout, Lecturer Gr 1 Comm.
Dr.Mrs.Mamata Sahoo,Lecturer in Chem.

Mr. Sumanta Kumar Sahoo, Lect in

Mr. P.K.Ghadei, Lecturer in Zoology
Mr. A.K.Mohanty, Demo Zool.
Mr.M.C.Nayak, Demo in Physics.
Miss Karishma Swain, Demo in Bot
16 .Library Committee, Prof in Charge Mr. Umesh Ch Barik, Reader (SS) in Physics
Associates Mrs Dr.S.Bhyuan, Lect Gr. 1 in Bot.
Mr P.K.Sahoo, Lect in Odia
Mr.B.K.Biswal, Lect in Hist.
Mrs. L. Moharana, Lecturer in Chemistry.
Librarian - in -charge
17 College Magazine, Chief Editor Dr.Mrs.J.B.Mohanty, Reader (SS) HOD, Odia
Board of Editors Mrs. K.Choudhury, Reader (SS) in History

Mrs. G.Pattanaik, Lect in Sans. Gr 1

Mr. P.K.Sahoo, Lect-in- Odia
Mrs.Rachita Behera , Lecturer in Edn.
18 Wall Magazine, Editor Mrs. S.C.Rout, Reader (SS) in English
Associate Mr. P.K.Sahoo, Lect in odia.
19 College Calendar, Editor Mr. Umesh Ch.Barik, Reader in Phy
Associates Mr.D.N.Das, Lecturer Gp 1 in Eng
Mr.A.K.Pradhan,Demo in Chem.
20 Academic Calendar Prof. I/c Mrs. N.Begum, Reader (SS) in Eco.
Associates Dr.Mrs.H.P.Mohapatra, Lect Gr 1 in Edn.
Mr.M.C.Nayak, Demo in Phy
21 Prof. I/C, Water & Sanitary Mr.P.K.Rout, Lecturer Gr 1 Com.
22 Prof. I/C, Electricity & Energy Mr. Deepak Ku Mohanty, Lect- Gr 1 in Phy
Associate Mr. A.K.Pradhan, Demo in Chem
23 General Maintenance & Repairing Mr. S.K.Dhal, Lecturer Gr 1 Zoology.

Mr. B. N. Nayak, PET.

24 Prof. I/C, General Stock & Store Mr. P.K.Rout, Lecturer Gr 1 Com.

Mr.D.K.Samal, Demo in Chemistry.

25 Prof. I/C,   UGC

Dr.Mrs.C.Laxmi, Reader in Eco.

Associate Mr. S.K.Sahoo, Lect in Pol.Sc.
26 Prof. I/c Remedial Classes

Mr. Prafula Ku Rout, Reader (SS) Com.

Associate Mr. P.K.Ghadei, Lecturer in Zoology.
27 IQAC  Coordinator Mr.D.N.Das,Lecturer Gr 1 in English
28 .Prof. I/C, Boy’s Common Room

Mr. B. K. Biswal, Lect-in- Hist.

29 Prof. I/C, Girls Common Room Mrs.Manashi Pattanaik, Reader (SS) in Botany

Mrs. Jhunurani Das, Demo in Zool.

30 Prof. I/C, Staff Common Room Mrs.K.Choudhury, Reader (SS) in Hist
31 N.S.S.
(a) Programme Officer +3 Boys

Mr. S. K. Sahoo, Lect in Pol. Sc.

(b) Programme Officer -+3 Girls Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Mamata Sahoo, Lect. in Chem.
(c) Programme Officer +2 Boys Mr. Rati Kant Swain, Lect. In IT
(d) Programme Officer +2 Girls Dr.Mrs. J.B.Mohanty, Reader(SS) in Odia.
32 Officer I/C. NCC Maj. (Dr.) S. R. Das, Reader (SS) in History
33 Prof. I/c Self Defence Nodal I/c Dr. Mrs.S.P.Bhyuan, Lecturer Gr 1 in Botany
Prof I/c Dr Mrs. Mamata Sahoo, Lecturer in Chem
Associate Mrs. Anupama Tripathy, Lecturer in Phil.
34 Prof. I/C, Red Cross Mr. Basanta Kumar Biswal, Lect-in-Hist.
35 Prof. I/C, Rovers & Rangers

Mr. Basanta Kumar Biswal, Lect-in-Hist.

36 Prof. I/C, Plantation

Mrs. S.Bhyuan, Lect Gr 1 in Bot.

Associates C. R. Das, Demo in Botany

B.N.Nayak, PET

37 Prof. I/C, Scholarship (+2 & +3) Mrs. Sabita Kar, Reader in Economics

Mrs.  Lusna Moharana,Lecturer in Chem.

Mrs. Rajalaxmi Sahoo, Lect in Bot.
38 Prof. I/C, Cycle Stand Mr. C. S. Panda, Lect in History
39 Vice President, Science Society Mr. Bikash Ch Dash, HOD, Mathematics
40 Vice President, Commerce Society 

Mr. R.C.Nathasharma, Sr. Lect in Com.

41 Vice President, Humanities Society

Dr.Mrs. P.P.Das, Reader (SS) & Head, Sans.

42 Prof. I/C, Festival Mr. B.  K.  Biswal, Lect.-in History
Associate Mr. B.Nayak, PET.
43 Prof. I/C, College Canteen

Mr.S.C.Rout, Reader (SS) in Eng

Associate Mr.A.K.Pradhan, Demonstrator in Chemistry
44 Prof. I/C, Health Care Mr. B.  K.  Biswal, Lect.-in History
45 Prof. I/C, Seminar/ Conference Dr.Mrs. P.P.Das, Reader (SS) Sanskrit

Dr. Mrs. Sabita Mohanty, Lecturer in Phil.

46 Women Harassment Cell Dr. Mrs. J.B.Mohanty,Reader (SS) in Od  Convener
Members Mrs. N.Begum, Reader (SS) in Eco.
Mrs.Rashmi Routaray, Lect Gr 1 in Zool.
47 Prof. I/C, Attendance

Mr.Bikash ch dash, Lect Gr 1 in Math.


Mr. C.S.Panda, Lect in History.

 Calculation of Attendance  of different classes

+3   1st Yr Arts.

Miss Lusna Moharana ,Lect

+3.  2nd Yr Arts. Mr. A. Routray,Lect
+3   3rd  Yr Arts.

Mr. P.K. Ghadei ,Lect

+3  1st Yr. Sc. Mrs Rachita Behera,Lect
+3  2nd. Yr. Sc. Mr.Suchshmita Mohanty,Lect
+ 3  3rd . Yr. Sc. Mrs. Anupama Tripathy,Lect
+3  1st Comm.

 Miss Tanmayee Mohanty,Lect

+3  2nd  Yr. Comm. Mrs. Shradhanjali Prustry,Lect
+3 3rd. Yr. Com.

Mrs Rajalaxmi Sahoo,Lect

48 Prof. I/C, Carrier Counseling Cell

Mr.U.C.Barik,Reader (SS) in Physics

  Associate  Mr. L.D. Mohanty, Demo in Physics
49 Prof I/c Language Lab Mr D.N.Das, Lecturer Gr 1 in Eng.
.Associates Mr. R.K.Swain, Lecturer in I.T.
Mr. L.D.Mohanty, Demo in Phy.
50 Prof. I/C, Debate Club

Mrs. G.Pattanaik, Lecturer Gr 1 in Sanskrit

Associate Mrs.Hemangini Panda, Lect-in-Physics
51 Prof. I/C, Nature Club Mrs.M.Pattanaik,Raeder(SS) in Botany
Associate Miss. Tanmayee Mohanty, Lecturer in Botany
52 Prof. I/C, Guest Room Mr. S. K. Sahoo, Pol.Sc
53 Prof. I/C, SAMS, Web site, CCTV, etc Mr. R.K.Swain, Head I.T.
Phone connection, Printer, Xerox  etc Associate Mrs.S.Mohanty, Lect IT 
54 Prof. I/C, Income Tax Mr.Abhaya Kumar Nayak, Reader in Comm.
Associate Maj. Dr.S.R.Das,Reader (SS) in History.
55 1st Appellate Authority, RTI Mrs.S.Pattanaik, Reader in English.
Public Information Officer, RTI Sri Sanjay Kumar Dhal, Lect in Zool.
Dealing Assistant R.Prusty, H.C. I/c.
56 Officer I/C. Anti Tobacco Squad. Mr. Pravakar Mishra, Lecturer Gr 1 in Com.
Associate Mr. L. D. Mohanty, Demo in Physics.
57 Prof. I/C, Proctorial Dr.(Mrs.) J.B.Mohanty, Reader(SS)  in Odia

Mr.C.S.Panda,Lecturer in History.

58 Officer I/C Syllabus Mr. Mohit Kar,Reader(SS) in Chem.
Associate Mr. A.K.Pradhan,Demo in Chem
59 AISHE Nodal Officer Mr. Sumanta Kumar Sahoo, Lect in Pol.Sc
60 S.S.G Mrs. Manashi  Pattanaik, Reader (SS) in Bot.
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