The College offers teaching facilities in Arts, Science and Commerce streams at plus two level, which are of two years duration and affiliated to Council of Higher Secondary of Education, Orissa.

                                      Seat Strength :


 i) Arts                   256 seats

 ii)Commerce       96 seats

 iii) Science           128 seats




Minimum Criteria :

          A student who has passed High School Certificate Examination conducted by Board of Secondary Education, Orissa ar any examination recognized by the B.S.E. Orissa is eligible to take admission provided he/she fulfills the admission criteria given in the prospectus.


I. According to the new course structure there shall be one examination to be conducted by the Jr. College/ Higher Secondary School at the end of 1st year basing on the curriculum meant for that year and one examination at the end of the 2nd year to be conducted by the Council basing on the curriculum meant for that year alone. Pass certificates will be awarded to successful candidates basing on the performance in the council examination to be held at the end of the second year only.             

II. The examination at the end of 1st year shall be for 700 marks ( including 100 marks for Environmental Education and the examination at the end of 2nd year shall be for 600 marks . Marks secured in the examination to be conducted  at the end of the 1st year shall be considered for promotion of students to the 2nd year class.

III. Besides English and MIL, Environmental  Education (EE) shall also be a compulsory subject. But Environmental Education will be taught only in the 1st year and examination  or Environmental Education will be conducted by the college at the end of the 1st year.

IV.  Restriction on selection of optional ( hencen forth called as elective) subjects will be the main feature in the new course structure. There shall be no extra optional subject.Instead each student  has to offer four elective subjects as detailed .

Subjects of Higher Secondary Education.

(1)  Besides the compulsory like (i) English, M.I.L and (ii) Environmental Education, a candidate shall offer any four elective subjects from any of the grouping under (iii) A or B or C.

(2) Duration of course : The syllabi for 2 years course of each subject shall be divided into two parts , namely 1st year and 2nd year carrying 100 marks each. The college will conduct one examination at the end of the 1st year class of +2 course and the Council will conduct the examination at the end of the 2nd year class of +2 course. The result of a candidate will be determined only on the performance of the candidate in the council examination to be held at the end of the 2nd year course.

(3)  The pass criteria : The pass criteria for the Examination shall be as follows :-

(i) Subjects with Practical : 30% of the total marks shall be diverted for practical examination and the remaining 70 % thereof, for theory. A candidate has to pass separately in  theory and practical. Pass marks in Biology shall be calculated taking together the marks secured in both Botany and Zoology ( adding the marks of Botany and Zoology).

(ii) Pass marks shall be 30 % of the total marks in theory paper & 40 % of the total marks in practical paper, in each subject with 35 % of the total marks in the aggregate.

(iii) Course structure and subjects of Examination : The course structure and subjects for the Higher Secondary Education and the maximum marks in each subject shall be as follows.

COMPULSORY( Arts, Science and Commerce)

           Subject          Marks            1st year      2nd year

1.  (i)   English           200                     100             100

    (ii)   MIL

           ( One of the following)


             Telgu/ Urdu        200                    100             100

Provided that the Council may in special circumstances permit a candidate to offer alternative papers in English of a Higher standard than required in (i) above in lieu of M.I.L. paper, stating reasons :

Provided further that candidate may be permitted to take up for the Higher Secondary Examination one of the subject as M.I.L. under (ii) above without attendance at lecture in the subject if the institution in which he is admitted is not affiliated in that subject.


           Notes : The above subject will be assessed at the college level for 50 marks ( 35 marks for theory and 15 marks for project  work ) at the end of the 1st year of +2 course and the grades ( A, B, C, or D in order of merit ) are to be awarded by the college and the same shall be recorded in the body of the pass certificate given by the Council subsequently. The grade secured in the Environmental Education  (EE) will not affect the result of the candidate.


Marks             Grade

above 70 %    Gr-A+

above 60 %    Gr-A

above 50 %    Gr-B

above 35 %    Gr-C

Below 35%     Gr-D


3. YOGA : YOGA has been introduced by CHSE as  a compulsory subject in +2 Arts / Science / Commerce classes. +2 1st year students are required to appear for theory examination carrying 50 marks and +2 2nd year students for practical examination carrying 50 marks. However in 1st year and 2nd year students are required learn practical.                 


4. A.     Subjects of Examination for Arts stream( TotalSeats-256)

Out of the following six groups of subjects , a studentshall have to offer only four elective subjects each carrying a maximum of 200 marks - i.e. 100 marks for1st year and 100 marks for 2nd year )


2. History

3. Logic  

4. Economics

5.Education                             6. Oriya or Sanskrit



      Candidates seeking admission into +2 Arts stream  have to choose any one of the following Combinations



No.of Seats


History,Pol.Sc,Economics,Logic 72






History,Pol.Sc,Education,Logic 24


















Any Combination for which number of applicants is less than 24 may not be provided.

B. Subjects of Examination for Science stream( Total Seats-128)
(Each elective subject carrying a maximum of 200 marks - i.e. 100 marks for 1st year and 100 marks for 2nd year)
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
Either Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’ for third and fourth elective subjects. 
Group-A              Group-B
3. Mathematics    3. Biology
4. Biology            4. Mathematics 
C. Subjects of Examination for Commerce stream( Total Seats-96) 
(Each elective subject carrying a maximum of 200 marks - i.e. 100 marks for 1st year and 100 marks for 2nd year)
1. Accountancy
2. Business Studies and Management
3. Business Mathematics and Statistics
iii. 4th Elective Subjects:(any one of the following 
Gr-1-Salesmanship and Business Economics
Gr-2-(i)Computer Application- and (ii)Computer Application-

The college offers teaching facilities in Arts, Science and Commerce for the award of Bachelor’s Degree under Utkal University . Bachelor’s Degree course spreads over three academic years.
Seat Strength
1. Arts 256 seats
2. Commerce 128 seats
3. Science 
a) Physical Science( Physics, Chemistry, 
Mathematics) 64 seats
b) Life Sciences ( Botany & Zoology) 64 seats
Seat Strength in Honours Subjects
I. +3 Arts
1. English 16 seats
2. Oriya 16 seats
3. Political Science 16 seats
4. Economics 16 seats
5. History 16 seats
6. Education 16 seats
7. Philosophy 16 seats
II. +3 Science
1. Physics 16 seats
2. Chemistry 16 seats
3. Botany 16 seats
4. Zoology 16 seats
III. +3 Commerce
1. Accounting 32 seats
2. Management 32 seats
(i) An entrance Examination will be conducted soon after the admission for selection of students opting for Hons. subjects.
(ii) Selection for admission to Honours classes will be made on the basis of aggregate marks (excluding marks in 4th optional+marks in the Subject) and marks secured in the written test.
(iii) For Botany and Zoology Honours Biology marks will be considered.
(iv) In case of students not changing faculty but applying for Honours in subject in which they did not have the qualifying examination , aggregate marks secured at the qualifying exam. Should be converted appropriately out of the maximum marks of 1100.
(v) Marks secured in English will be added in the aggregate in case of candidate who have changed faculty.
(vi) In case of candidates for Oriya Honours who had neither Sanskrit nor Oriya as an optional subject at the Higher Secondary stage then aggregate marks plus two times marks in MIL(O) will be considered.
(vii) For Physics Honours aggregate marks plus marks in Physics and Mathematics will be the basis for selection.
(viii) For all subjects the minimum marks for admission into Honours shall be 40% in the subject concerned. For candi date under rule(iv) above the 40% in aggregate only is to be considered.
(ix) For Commerce Honours aggregate marks plus marks in Commerce subject on the basis of 200 as full marks shall be considered.
(x) For non-commerce students offering Commerce Honours aggregate marks calculated out of 1000 plus marks in Economics or English which is higher shall be considered.
(xi) In case of compartmental candidates aggregate will be calculated by taking the average of the fail and pass marks.
(xii) In case of two students securing the same marks (aggregate and subject) preference will be given to the students securing higher marks in subjects.

1.1 The Degree Courses leading to the bachelor’s Degree in Arts/ Science/Commerce of Utkal University shall be spread over a period of three academic years. A candidate for the Bachelor’s degree in Arts / Science/ Commerce shall be required to pass the following examination.
(i) First University Examination
(ii) Second University Examination
(iii) Final University Examination
1.2 A candidate shall eligible to appear the second and final University Examination only if he/she has registered for the first and second university examination respectively . How ever, his/her result shall not be published unless he/she has passed in the first and second university examination respectively.
1.3 A candidate for the bachelor’s Degree in 
Arts , Science and Commerce Examinations shall be required to enroll himself/herself, under these regulations as students in one of the colleges affiliated to this university.
2. Admission to the Course
2.1 Any student who has passed the higher Secondary Examination of C.H.S.E, Orissa or any other qualifying examination recognised by the Academic council of C.H.S.E, Orissa as equivalent there to, may be admitted to the 1st year of this course provided that a student shall not be admitted Degree Course in Science unless he/she has passed the qualifying examination in science.

2.2 No student shall ordinarly be admitted into the 1st year of the course four weeks ( including holidays and sunday ) after date of publication of results of the Annual Higher Secondary Examination of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa or after the reopening of the Summer Vacation which ever is later, in exceptional cases, the appropriate authority may notify the last date of admission.
2.3 Candidates who for some valid reasons, are unable to take admission within the prescribed under regulation 2.2 above, may however be admitted into a college within two weeks( including holidays and sundays) from the last date of admission with a late fee as prescribed by the university. The Principal of the college shall intimate the names of such candidates and the dates of admission and shall remit the late fee collected and the dates of admission and shall remit the late fee collected to the University in one lot within two weeks from the date of such late admission.
2.4 Candidates who have taken the admission, on payment of the late fee, shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of such admission.
2.5 Candidates passing the instant Higher Secondary Examination of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa may be admitted into the College within two weeks ( including holidays and sundays) after the publication of their results provided that the candidates may be admitted within one week there after with a late fee as prescribed by the University for each candidate. A candidate so admitted shall have the percentage of lectures counted from the date of his/her admission.
2.6 Admission to the Second and Third year class shall be completed within two weeks of the reopening of the college without waiting for the publication of the results of the first and second university examinations respectively, provided that the students may be , within a further period of two weeks ( including holidays and sundays) on payment of late fee as prescribed by the univesity for each studnent.
2.7 Provided further that a student who could not appear the universtity examination due to shortage of attendance, shall be allowed to take re admission in the same year at the beginning of the immediate subsequent academic session subject to the availability of seats. Preference shall be given to the students who have secured higher marks in the last CHSE or University Examinations.
2.8 Not withstanding anything contained in the preceding regulations, where the syndicate of the university, permits increase of seats in an by class or gives fresh affiliation to any new subject in the college, the date of issue of such order shall be revised as the date of publication or results of the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa for the purpose of admission thereto.
2.9 A candidate whose results of Higher Secondary Education is published late by the Examination authority, may be admitted into the college within the two weeks of the publication of his/her results depending on the availability of seats.
3. Change of Subject(s)
A candidate who has been admitted into the college with particular subject(s) or combination of subjects into the first year may be allowed change of subject(s) or combination of subjects by the Principal till 30 days after, the last date of`admission into first year course as prescribed into provision of the clause 2 of regulation.

The Candidate should submit the duly filled in application form in the College office on or before the prescribed last date.The same may also be sent by Regd.Post to the Principal,Choudwar college, Choudwar a week before the last date . The College will not be responsible for any postal delay/missing.
Selection for admission into various classes will be made strictly on merit basis and calculation of marks shall be made as per following.
(a) The basis of selection for admission is the total marks secured by the candidate in H.S.C. Examination or Board of Secondary Education ,Orissa,excluding extra optional,if any.
(b) The percentage of marks secured by a candidate who has passed CBSE/ICSE Examination in all obligatory subjects taken together should be taken into account for drawing up the merit list,i.e. The aggregate marks should be appropriately converted.
(c) For compartmental candidates average of the two marks in the subjects in which the candidate has failed and subsequently passed is to be calculated determining the aggregate.
1% of seats is reserved for the children of Ex-Servicemen,8% of the seats are reserved for SC and 12% of seats are reserved for ST candidates as per the provisions of the Govt.However,these reserved seats shall not be interchangeable between SC and ST and any reserved seats remaining vacant in either category
may be filled up on the basis of the general merit list subject to the approval of Chairman, Admission Committee.
1. NCC Cadets/NSS Volunteers,who have represented the country at the international level, shall be given straight admission.
2. 5% of the marks is to be given weightage to Physically/ Orthopedically handicapped candidates subject to the production of medical certificate not below the rank of Chief District Medical Officer.However ,the total number of seats to be filled up under the category should be lim ited to 2% of seats in each stream.
3. 2% of the marks for the NCC cadets holding’A’ Certificate
(for +2 Classes)
4. 3% of the marks for the NCC cadets holding “B”Certificate.
5. 5% of the marks for the NCC cadets holding’C’certificate.
6. 10% of the marks for representing President’s Scout and Guide (for+2 Classes)subject to 10% of total seats in a stream.
7. 5%of the marks for representing University/State School
/ Sainik School in all India Level Sports/NCC/NSS in National level and Governor’s Scout and Guide.
8. 5% of the marks for women candidates applying for subjects not available in the local Women’s College.
9. Weightage shall be given to the students of this College for admission into +3 degree class subject to the approval of Admission Committee.
A candidate claiming weightage in more than one categories will get weightage in the category having the highest weightage benefits.Weightage, wherever admissible, will only be available for purpose of admission and shall not be taken into account for the allotment of subjects/Optional admission in any particular Honours subjects or any other academic selection.

The College is not responsible for any postal delay/missing. Candidates are therefore,advised to see the College notice board or enquire in the office in regular intervals.
1. Attested photo-copy of each document enclosed with the application form should be signed by the candidate with the words”Submitted by me”.
2. In case ,If forged documents are detected,the Principal reserves the right to forward full particulars of such candidates with their records to the State Crime Branch,Orissa for scrutiny.
3. In no case total weightage of marks will exceed 10% of the total seats in a particular stream for various extra curricular activities.
4. In case of any dispute regarding interpretation of any rule the decision of the Principal is final and binding.
5. The admission to the College is purely provisional and may be cancelled in case any irregularity is detected at any stage.No admission can be claimed as a matter of right.


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