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Revised Assignment Co-Curricular Activities for the Session 2013-14



1.       Secretary Staff Council                                        :         Mr. P.C. Mohapatra, HOD, Philosophy

           Asst. Secretary Staff Council                              :         Mrs, Tapati Das, HOD, Physics


2.       Officer-in-Charge + 2 Stream                              :         Mrs. B. Balabantaray, HOD, Sanskrit


3.       Administrative Bursar                                         :         Dr. T.K. Pattnaik, Reader in Pol.Sc.

           Asso. Adm. Bursar                                                :         Dr. S. K. Sinha, Reader in Eng..


4.       Accounts Bursar                                                     :         Dr. S. K. Pattnaik, Reader in Commerce

           Asso.  Account Bursar                                           :         Mr. C. R. Das, Lect.-in- Chemistry


5.       Academic Bursar                                                   :         Dr. (Mrs.) K.P. Mohanty, Lect. In Zoology

           Associates :                                                               Mr. S. K. Sahoo, Lect-in- Political Sc.


6.       Academic Council                                                  :         All HOD’s,

                                                                                                        Prof. I/C Exam., Library,

                                                                                                        Academic Bursar -Convener

                                                                                                        Administrative Bursar


7.       Advisor Student’s Union                                      :         Mr. P.C. Mohapatra, HOD, Philosophy

           Associate Advisor                                                  :         Mr. A. K. Nayak, Sr. Lect. -in Com

                                                                                                        Dr. Jayantibala Mohanty, Lect-in- Odia

                                                                                                        Dr. N. P. Mohapatra, Lect.-in Odia

                                                                                                        Mr. S. K. Sahoo, Lect. -in Pol.Sc.

                                                                                                        Miss Trupti Sahoo, Lect-in- Physics

                                                                                                        Mr. L.D. Mohanty, Demn.-in Physics


8.       O/I College Examination                                      :         Maj. (Dr.) S. R. Das, Lect-in-Hist. Off.(I/C)

           Associates :                                                               Mr. R. K. Pahi, Lect-in- Eco.

                                                                                                        Mr. Pramod Kumar Rout, Lect-in- Com.

                                                                                                        Mr. B. K. Biswal, Lect-in- History

                                                                                                        Mr. J. Das, Lect.-in Political Science

                                                                                                        Mr. A. K. Pradhan, Demn. In Chem


(a)      Tabulation : +2 Arts                                              :         Mrs. N. Begum, Lect. In Economics

                                +2 Science                                           :         Mrs. M. Sahoo, Lecturer in Chemistry

                                + 2 Commerce                                    :         Mr. A. Routray,  Lecturer in Commerce

                                +3 1st. Yr. Arts                                   :         Mr. B. K. Biswal, Lecturer in History

                                +3 2nd Yr. Arts                                   :         Mr. C. S. Panda, Lect. In History

                                +3 3rd. Yr. Arts.                                 :         Mr. G. C. Behera, Lecturer in Philosophy

                                +3 1st. Science                                    :        Mr. M. Panda, Lect. –in Botany

                                +3 2nd Science                                    :        Mr. B. B. Sahoo, Lect-in- Math

                                +3 3rd. Science                                   :         Mrs. M. Pattnaik, Lect. -in Botany

                                +3 Commerce                                     :         Mr. R. K. Swain, Lect. In IT

9.       Admission Committee                                         :         Dr. S. P. Mohanty, Lect.-in Phy., Adm. I/C.

                                                                                                        Mrs. N. Begum, Lect-in- Eco.

                                                                                                        Mr. J.  Das, Lect. In Pol.Sc.

                                                                                                        Mr. S.K. Sahoo, Lect-in- Pol. Sc.

                                                                                                        Mr. G. C. Behera, Lect. -in Philosophy

                                                                                                        Mr. M.C. Nayak, Demn. -in Physics

                                                                                                        Mr. D. K. Samal, Demn. -in Chemistry

                                                                                                        Mr. N. N. Parida, Jr. Lib.


10.     Officer I/C College Library                                   :         Dr. C. Laxmi, Reader in Economics.

           Associate   :                                                               Mr. S. N. Rana, Lect. –in- Economics                                                                                                                                                                          

11.     V.P., +2 Cultural Society                                      :         Mrs. A. Mishra, Reader in Pol.Sc.

           Associates :                                                               Mr. B. B. Sahoo, Lect. -in Math

                                                                                                        Mrs. M. Pattnaik, Lect. -in Botany

                                                                                                        Mr. C. R. Das, Lect- in -Chemistry

                                                                                                        Mrs. N. Begum, Lect. -in Economics

                                                                                                        Mr. B. K. Biswal, Lect. -in History


12.     V.P., Athletic                                                           :         Dr. S. K. Sinha, Reader in Englih

           Associates :                                                             :         Mr. S. K. Dhal, Lect. -in Zool

                                                                                                        Dr. N. P. Mohapatra, Lect. -in Odia

                                                                                                        Mr. A. Routray, Lect. -in Com

                                                                                                        Miss Trupti Sahoo, Lect-in- Physics

                                                                                                        Miss Suchismita Mohanty, Lect-in-I.T.

                                                                                                        Mr. L.D. Mohanty, Demn. -in Physics

                                                                                                        Mr. C.R. Das, Demn.- in Botany


13.     V.P. Dramatic                                                         :         Mr. A. K. Nayak, Sr. Lect.-in- Com.

           Associates :                                                               Mr. Mohita Kar. Lect. -in chemistry

                                                                                                        Mr. P. K. Sahoo, Lect. -in Odia

                                                                                                        Mrs. M. Sahoo, Lect. -in Chemistry


14.     Editor College Magazine                                      :         Dr. Niranjan Sahoo, Reader -in Odia

           Associate Editors                                                  :         Mrs. S. Pattnaik, Reader in English

                                                                                                        Mr. P. K. Mohanty, Lect. -in Odia                                                                                                            Mrs. Rajalaxmi Singh, Lect-in- Odia


15.     Wall Magazine                                                       :         Mr.  P. M. Bhuyan, Reader in English

                   Mrs. S. Pattnaik, Reader in English

                   Mr. B. K. Biswal, Lect. -in History


16.     College Calender                                                    :         Mrs. S. Pattnaik, Reader in English

                                                                                                        Mr. B.K. Biswal, Lect. In History


17.     Water & Sanitary                                                  :     Mr. M. Panda, Lecturer in Botany



18.     Electricity & Energy                                              :     Mr. Sumanta Kumar Sahoo, Lect. In Pol.Sc.


19.     General Maintenance                                            :     Mr. B. K. Biwal, Lect-in- Hist.

                                                                                                    Mr. B. N. Nayak, PET.


20.     Furniture Maintenance                                        :     Mr. Sanjay Kumar Dhal, Lect. In Zoology

                                                                                                    Mr. C. R. Das, Demo-in- Bot.


21.     Time Table                                                              :     Mr. S. N.Dash, Reader in Math., Officer I/C

                                                                                                    Mr. G.C. Behera, Lect. In Philosophy

                                                                                                    Mr. M.C. Nayak, Demn. In Physics


22.     Officer I/C UGC                                                      :     Dr. B. C. Sahoo, Reader in Phil.

                                                                                                    Mr. C. R. Das, Lect-in- Chem.


23.     Officer I/C, Boy’s Common Room                       :     Mr. G. C. Behera, Lecturer in Phil.


24.     Officer I/C, Girls Common Room                        :     Dr. Jayantibala Mohanty, Lect-in- Odia


25.     Officer I/C, Staff Common Room                        :     Mrs. S. Pattnaik, Reader in English


26.     Officer I/C, NSS(Boys)                                          :     Mr. S. K. Sahoo, Lect-in- Pol. Sc.


27.     Officer I/C, NSS ( Girls-+3)                                  :     Mrs. B. Balabantaray, HOD, Sanskrit

           Officer I/C, NSS ( Girls-+2)                                  :     Smt. Mamata Sahoo, Lect. In Chem.


28.     Officer I/C. NCC                                                     :     Maj.(Dr.) S. R. Das, Lecturer in History


29.     Officer I/C, Red Cross                                           :     Mr. M. Panda, Lect-in- Bot.


30.     Officer I/C, Rovers                                                  :     Mr. Basanta Kumar Biswal, Lect-in-Hist.


31.     Officer I/C, Plantation                                          :     Mr. P. C. Mohapatra, Reader in Philosopy

           Associates :                                                               Mrs. K. Mohapatra, Read in Botany

      Dr. N. P. Mohapatra, Lecture in Oriya

      Miss P. Bastia, Lect. In Education            

      Mr. P. K. Sahoo, Lecturer in Oriya

      Miss Rajalaxmi Sahoo, Lect-in- Odia

      Mr. C. R. Das, Demo. –in Botany.


32.     Officer I/C, Financial Aid                                     :     Mrs. A. Mishra, Reader in Pol. Science

           Associates :                                                               Mr. D. K. Samal, Demo-in- Chemistry


33. Officer I/C, Cycle Stand                                            :     Mr. C. S. Panda, Lect-in-History


34.     Officer I/C, General Store                                     :     Mr. Mohit Kar, Lecturer in Chemistry


35.     Vice President, Science Society                          :     Mrs. M. Pattnaik, Lect. In Botany


36.     Vice President, Commerce Society:                   Mr. P. K. Rout,  Lecturer in Comm.


36.     Vice President, Humanities Society:                   Dr. N Sahoo, HOD, Oriya


38.     Officer I/C, Festival                                               :         Mr. B.  K.  Biswal, Lect.-in History


39.     Officer I/C, Academic Calander                          :         Dr. D. P. Barik, Lect.-in- Education

           Associate                                                                       Dr.(Ms) H.P. Mohapatra, Lect-in-Edu


40.     Officer I/C, College Canteen                                :     Dr.(Ms) Harapriya Mohapatra, Lect-in-Edu.


41.     Officer I/C, Health Care                                       :         Mr. G.C. Behera, Lecturer in Philo.


42.     Officer I/C, Seminar/ Conference                        :        Dr. B. C. Sahoo, Reader in Phil.

           Associates                                                                     Mrs. T. Das, HOD, Physics


43.     Officer I/C, Attendance                                         :    Sri S. N. Rana, Lect-in- Economics

                                                                                                    Dr.(Ms) Harapriya Mohapatra, Lect-in-Edu.


Calculation of Attendance Class in Charge


+2 1st Yr. Art. & + 3 1st. Yr. Com.         &n

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