College Rules

1.The academic session of the college from June to May.

2.Admission to the College begins after the publication of the HSC Examination and CHSE Examination results and continues till the last day prescribed for such admission by the Council and the University .

3.A student seeking admission is required to apply in the prescribed form within the specified date. Before one is admitted into the College ,he/she and his/her guardian has to sign an undertaking form that the student will abide by the rules of the College.

4.Ordinarily  Admission is allowed on the ground of merit and conduct of a student. Admission in the College cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

5.Each student must register in the College the address at which he/she resides.


1. As soon as the tutorial groups are formed and notified ,it  is the duty of a student to find out the particular group to which he /she has-been assigned .If he/she is not included in any of these groups. he/she must bring the fact to the notice of the principal, by writing an application.

2.Every student is required to attend his/her classes regularly and punctually. Concerted absence without leave is a serious breach of College discipline.

3.  Student should take their seats before the teacher enters  the class room and should not generally leave their seats during the course of a lecture.

4.A student who arrives late may be allowed into the classroom if the concerned teacher agrees to it.


1. Under the regulation of the +2 Council and the University a Student in order to be eligible for being sent up for the Council/University Examination is under obligation to attending each subject a minimum of 75%of lectures, tutorials,  practically etc. calculated separately.

2.The Higher Secondary Board considers application for the condonation of the shortage of attendance only in  exceptional cases i.e.if it falls between 60% and 75%.

3.Students are advised not to be absent themselves from classes otherwise they are liable to be detained irrespective  of their performance in the College examination.

4. Students having less than 60% of attendance in each of the subjects offered shall not be promoted to the next higher   class or shall not be sent up to fill up the forms of CHSE/UU.

5.Students having less than 70% of attendance in each of  the subject offered to him/her shall not be eligible to file  nomination for contesting for any post either in +2 association or in +3 students union/ society as the case may be .


1. Fees must be paid by 1.30 p.m.on the day fixed for collection   Otherwise a fine of Rs.0.25 paisa will have to be paid on  the last working day of the month along with fees. Failure     in this regard will entail the removal of the defaulter’s name  from the College rolls and re-admission would involve an additional payment equivalent to one month’s tuition fee  and a re-enrollment fee of Rs.1.00.

2.Any kind of fine on grounds of indiscipline will be realized along with the tuition fee.

3. Student cannot claim exemption from the payment of de fault fine or re-admission fee as a matter of right .Such  exemption rests solely on the discretion of the  Principal.

4. College tuition fees along with other fees, if any,for the  remaining months of the academic session, will be realized  from a student  before he is allowed to fill up the Application form for the CHSE/University Examination.

5.         Declaration of class promotion result of a student /students can be  withheld in case of non-payment of  College dues,  non-return of Library books, shortage of attendance   etc. 


1.  All written applications should be submitted in the  College Office and the students need not waste time waiting   to submit their applications to the Principal personally.

2. Honours students should contact their respective H.O.D. to solve their problems before coming to the Principal.

3.Students having grievances /complaints should bring them to the notice of the Principal/Administrative Bursar by means of a written application .They may, however meet the Principal with their grievance only during the fixed   hours for personal hearing, if it is necessary.

4.Students are not ordinarily allowed to enter into the College   Office. They should transact all their business in the College Office through the counters.

5. The elected representatives of different bodies are required to contact the respective Vice President before coming to the Principal.


A uniform College Dress Code is compulsory for the  students. A student deviating the rule must be fined  Rs. 200/- ( Rupees Two Hundred )only.


1.All office orders, decisions and instructions are given on the College notice boards placed at different points  in the College premises. Every student should see  the Notice Board to obtain the necessary information.  Ignorance of students due to negligence will not be  ac  accepted as an excuse.

2. No student should remove any notice from the board   which will prevent his fellow students from getting the required  information. Removal of notice is a serious offence.

3. If clarification or elaboration of any information , given   on the Notice Board is required, the student may contact  the Administrative Bursar for detailed information.

4.Every student should go through the College Calendar  for his/her own interest.

5.No.student is allowed to affix private notice on the  College  Notice Board without permission of the Principal.

6.Students should not spit on the walls,floor,pillars or  doors of the  College building, nor should they disfigure  College walls and garden in any manner.

7. Students must not tamper with or damage the College electrical fittings,furniture,laboratory fittings,   apparatus, library books,journals,newspapers etc.

8.  In case of any damage to the College property, the  cost of the damaged article along with the fine shall  be realized from the concerned students.

9. Students are required to keep their bicycle under proper lock and key in the cycle shed provided for        the purpose in order to avoid theft. Bicycle should  under no circumstances be kept under portico or in  the verandahs in front of class rooms.

10.  Students are forbidden from playing of mikes and loud  speakers inside the College premises without specific  written permission from the Principal .

11. Frequent movement of the students in the corridors and making cat calls and other disturbance when classes are in progress are strictly prohibited. The College authorities give utmost importance to discipline. So, student’s indiscipline inside the campus  is viewed very seriously.

12.  Every student should bring his College identity card  with him.

13. In addition to the acts of breach of discipline as mentioned in Orissa Education Code, smoking and chewing betel) inside the College premises are strictly  prohibited.

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